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Seven men bring new lawsuit against Stanley Marsh 3

Amarillo, TX - New allegations against Stanley Marsh 3 have come forward in a civil lawsuit filed in the 181st District Court in Amarillo.

Seven men, who were all underage during the time of the alleged sexual assaults have filed the suit against Marsh 3, seeking up to $50 million.

According to court documents, the alleged events took place between November 2009 to June 2011. The suit alleges Marsh 3 sexually abused the boys, then paid them thousands of dollars.

The suit is also targeting Marsh's wife, son, associate David Weir, the Chase Tower, McCartt and Associates, SM3 LLC, Barb Wire LP and Amarillo Protective Services, saying they all knew of the alleged abuse, but did nothing to stop it.

We reached out to Marsh's attorney, Tony Buzbee in Houston, but he declined to give us an immediate comment.

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