Area hunters donate deer to local food bank

Area hunters donate deer to local food bank

Amarillo, TX - The High Plains Food Bank is always in need of meat donations and depends on area hunters for help.

The statewide "Hunters for the Hungry" program helped Amarillo's food bank collect 4,500 pounds of donated venison from area hunters in 2013. Those donations provided 3,000 meals for families across the Panhandle.

The food bank said donations are up from 2012, but they still need more hunters to donate their game after a hunt. "We can always definitely use more," said High Plains Food Bank Executive Director Zack Wilson. "And that's what we're always asking. If hunters can think of the food bank when they do this (hunt), it will really help out all of our agencies tremendously because meat is in high demand on our shelves. Sometimes we don't always have the quantity to meet the need."

The food bank said one problem hindering donations is the deer processing fee, which must be paid by the hunter. The Texas Food Bank Network is working with legislators to get funding so hunters don't have to cover that cost.

In the meantime, the food bank set it's donation goal for 2014. "It would be great if we could receive anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 pounds through the program this year," said Wilson. "It's a very lofty goal, but we definitely think we can get it, provided the amount of game that is hunted each year, especially in the Texas Panhandle."

Any hunter can donate to the program as long as the deer is legally tagged and field-dressed. Participating area meat processors include Clint and Sons in White Deer and Big Four Packing in Perryton.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10