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Top local crimes of 2013

Here is a look back at some of the top crimes from 2013 in our area.

  • Undercover officers in Amarillo were able to successfully arrest 16 men in two separate prostitution stings. The first happened in April when ten men were arrested at the Holiday Inn Express on West Amarillo Blvd., and the Courtyard on I-40 west. The second sting happened in December, when 6 men were arrested along the 3000 block of Amarillo blvd. East. 
  • Back in September, a two year investigation, by the DEA and the FBI wrapped up after 13 people were arrested in connection to  a major drug trafficking ring in Amarillo. The DEA also said some of those people had connections to the Mexican Drug Cartel. 
  • A homicide near 3rd and Bryan Street in August, caught the attention of the city. Police say they found Lance Hooser on the road with his hands and feet bound with tape and gun shot wound to the upper body. Less than two weeks later, 6 people were arrested in connection to the homicide. Ricky Don Burns and Terry Young were indicted for murder. 

  • Another Homicide in Amarillo, involving a father and son also gained attention. Amarillo police were called to the Three Fountain Apartments where they found a man inside with multiple stab wounds. The suspect, Shawn Hooten, who was also the victims son, had fled the scene, and led police on a three day manhunt. Police say Hooten turned himself in when he saw officers in the 6100 block of South Bell Street, taking a report from a person in an unrelated incident. In December,  Hooten was indicted and faces a murder charge in Randall county .

  • Our next crime involves the Amarillo Police Department. The APD says sexual assault charges led them to terminate Donald Ray Sanders Jr. in September.  Sanders was the liaison officer for Caprock High School before being let go. He is accused of sexual assault of a child. Police say the  offense is not connected to his job at the school. 
  • Now lets head to Roosevelt County Jail, where three inmates escaped through the ceiling.  All three men were eventually caught, but it was the second time in three months that inmates were able to break out of Roosevelt County Jail.

  • Our next crime happened just a week ago in Shamrock. Police say they found a woman dead inside her home and her two week old baby was missing.  After a few hours of searching. They were able to track down Adriana Lisa Perez who was driving away with the child inside the car. Perez was arrested and after questioning, faces capitol murder charges. 

  • The city's first reported homicide happened last January at an apartment on Bolton Street in Amarillo. Police arrived to the scene after receiving a call for a domestic dispute. When they arrived, they report finding Christopher Mooney dead with a large cut on his chest. The wound was later identified as coming from a roofing hatchet.  

  • Our next crime takes us to Boise City, Oklahoma.  In June, a 71 year old man was shot after getting out of his truck at a Loaf-n-Jug.  Police say he was approached by a Hispanic man in his 20s, but police have not been able to find the suspect or make any arrest.

  • Our last look at one of 2013's crimes involves multiple convenience store robberies. Dillion Steele was arrested in may for aggravated robbery after police say he showed a weapon and demanded money at Toot-n-Totum on Bell and Plains. Steele was arrested again in August for another armed robbery, this time on Amarillo blvd. East.  After officers arrived, they chased Steele on foot before firing several shots when police say they thought he displayed a gun. Steele was not hit by any bullets and was booked into the Potter County Jail. 
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