Top 5 Most Clicked Stories of 2013

Top 5 Most Clicked Stories of 2013

Amarillo, TX - As we begin 2014, it's time to take a look back at the local stories you clicked on the most during 2013.

All year you have clicked...and scrolled...and viewed numerous stories on our website, but here are the top five.

On March 10th a car accident killed five teenagers in the town of Sunray. The teens car ran a stop sign and was then struck by a gas tanker at Morton Elevator Road and F-M 1284. All five teens were pronounced dead at the scene and the truck driver was transported to a burn unit and passed away in May.

The fourth most viewed story was the September 25th BNSF train collision just northeast of Amarillo near the Tyson Plant. The crash happened around four in the morning when a train was stopped on the tracks and was struck from behind by another train. Then a third train traveling in the opposite direction plowed into the wreckage. Four BNSF employees were injured and released from the hospital that afternoon and the tracks were reopened  the next day.

Moving into the top three, on December 12th, six men were arrested in an undercover prostitution sting by the Amarillo Police Department. All six were charged with prostitution.

Coming in second...the Blizzard. On February 25th, 19 inches of snow were dumped throughout the Panhandle. "Look at the drifting we have here, I'm going to measure this, well we just lost my stick, and that goes, that's a yard stick, that's three feet deep, dangerous blizzard underway," explained "Doppler" Dave Oliver during the Blizzard. Snow drifts reached three to four feet and wind gusts reached 75 miles per hour. The Blizzard ended up shutting down the entire city of Amarillo and costing 1.6 million dollars for clean-up across our area.

The story most viewed on our website in 2013 was...the April prostitution sting in Amarillo which placed ten men behind bars. The suspects were arrested at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel on West I-40 and the Holiday Inn Express on West Amarillo Boulevard.

And there you have the top five stories you viewed.... scrolled through...and clicked on in 2013 on