New sirens keeping Amarillo safe

New sirens keeping Amarillo safe


Some of Amarillo's outdoor warning sirens are being updated with the newest technology. 

Between Potter and Randall Counties, there are 91 outdoor warning sirens, and 13 different models.

Some were installed back in the 19501950's because the city continues to grow, new  technology is need to help keep everyone safe. 

Three of the 91 locations will be updated in the coming months. 

"The latest version of siren that we will be buying, the Federal Signal 508 Sirens, are such that they will provide almost up to a mile and a half of coverage for an individual siren where most of these older ones that we are replacing are only effective out to about a quarter of a mile to a half a mile," said Kevin Starbuck, the Coordinator for Amarillo's Emergency Management Systems. 

But this isn't the only change we will be seeing in the coming months. Fifty five sirens will be updated with new control boards.

"It will provide us additional functionality with our system where we can focus our warning into the area of the community that are actually being threatened by the storm," Starbuck said. 

Mayor Paul Harpole says he is excited for the improvements, because he thinks this is something the city needs.

"As the city grows and as we replace equipment, today the equipment is more efficient than the older style sirens," Harpole said. 

The locations where new sirens are being installed are near River Road and Yucca, Northeast 13th and Grand, and Georgia and Virginia.

Starbuck says he hopes to have the three new sirens installed before the next severe weather season, along with most of those new control boards. 

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10