Pair give special treasure to families after loss of a child

Pair give special treasure to families after loss of a child

Amarillo, TX - The loss of a child is the most devastating event a parent can experience.

Carol McKinney and Shannon DeFord started Frames of Love after going through the same devastation as the families they photograph.

"I was in a car wreck 11 years ago and we lost our son," Carol McKinney who is a Partner with Frames of Love said. "Exactly a week to the day before that I had my kids pictures taken and Shannon was the photographer."

"Initially, when I took the pictures it was just another job, I'm taking a picture of a family of kids," said Shannon DeFord who is also a Partner with Frames of Love.

"Those are the last pictures we have of him and they mean everything to us, they're just a treasure," McKinney said.

"It kind of changed me, once I got the word that her son had passed, you can't be a part of something like that and it not change you forever," said DeFord.

Now 11 years later they are helping other families who are going through the difficult experience of losing a child.

"We want to give back, we've been given a talent to take pictures and we want to give back to our community and to bless families the way I was able to bless Carol's family," DeFord explained.

"There's just an awesome feeling being able to love on these families and give them this treasure, in a really unique way," added McKinney.

McKinney and DeFord take free photographs of newborns who have passed away as well as terminally ill children. They call their service Frames of Love and work closely with area hospitals.

"We walk in usually a little apprehensive each time, but we walk out just filled with joy, that we could give something back to somebody," DeFord said.

"It's very special, I absolutely love my paid photography business, but I think I love this the most, there's just something really special about it," explained McKinney.

Frames of Love has recently also begun taking pictures of children with disabilities.

To contact or learn more about Frames of Love and their services you may visit their Facebook Page at:

Or you may call Carol McKinney at (806) 654-6196 or Shannon DeFord at (806) 236-2399.