Christmas trash adding to landfill load

Christmas trash adding to landfill load

As people clean up after Christmas, most all that trash goes to the city's landfill.

Although the Amarillo landfill is over 600 acres, workers say they have seen an increase this year in the amount of trash being dumped there.

"We're seeing about a 20% increase right now and I'm looking for the next week to probably have that increase," Roy Beeson, a landfill employee told us. 

With shingles from roofs damaged by the May hail storm taking up more space than expected, all the Christmas trash is adding to the landfill's load.

Because there is no easy recycling option in Amarillo, most of all that trash just piles up at the landfill. But, workers say despite the busy year, there isn't too much to worry about, just yet.

"We've got approximately 100 years left. So we've got a lot of  life left in the landfill as far as  air space goes," Beeson said.

The city will collect aluminum and tin cans, oil and oil filters. But if you are looking to recycle paper and cardboard, you have to do it through a private company.

Four States Recycling will collect paper, cardboard and plastic. They have a drop off location at 4110 E Amarillo Blvd.

KB Recycling offers curb side pick up.

For more information on either recycling option, you can check out their websites, by following the links above.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.