Retailers push post-Christmas sales for holiday shoppers

Retailers push post-Christmas sales for holiday shoppers

Amarillo, TX - Shoppers were out in full force Thursday across the nation and in Amarillo, as is common the day after Christmas.

But this year, retailers are hoping their post-Christmas day sales and end-of-the-year push draw in more crowds that ever to help make up for some of the lower shopping numbers we saw the week and weekend before Christmas. Some blame a late Thanksgiving and even several bouts of bad weather for a shopping lull the weekend before Christmas.

Although officials numbers for local shopping hubs like Westgate Mall aren't in for the year yet, it's doubtful sales will match what they saw last year.

"2012 was a record year. Our sales were up about 10 percent last year," said Brian Giffin, general manager for Westgate Mall.

"We're seeing this year will not be quite as steep of an increase as that. We did have a little bit of bad weather, obviously that will be somewhat of a negative but I think we've made up for it."

Giffin said the day after Christmas is one of the top ten busiest days of the year for Westgate Mall.