Woman uses Facebook to bring Christmas to local children

Woman uses Facebook to bring Christmas to local children
Blanca Masias, Organizer
Blanca Masias, Organizer

Amarillo, TX - 37 local kids had a special Christmas, thanks to the power of Facebook.

Facebook may not seem like the place for a Christmas project to start, but in this case that is where it all began.

It all started when Blanca Masias noticed many of her friends Facebook posts weren't very positive.

"I'm really always on Facebook, so I always put random thoughts and stuff on there," Blanca Masias who organized the gift giving said.

So she decided to do something positive and posted on Facebook asking if anyone needed help bringing the magic of Christmas to their children, and she got an overwhelming response from not only people who needed help, but also people who wanted to give.

"It went from one to the next thing we know, we ended up helping 32 kids," said Masias.

For families like Kili Atchison and her children they wouldn't have had a Christmas without her generosity.

"This whole holiday season has been a really huge struggle and everything, I'm a single mon with three kids," said Kili Atchison who's children received presents thanks to Masias.

"It means a lot to me and my kids, they are really excited, my son almost lost his breath opening the Superman," Atchison said.

Atchison has been on Maternity Leave and hasn't been able to work so it means a lot to her, Masias was able to help her out.

"It was really amazing to know that people out there still care and they help you and like, it's really hard, like right now through this time of year, I couldn't do it myself," said Atchison.

"It really meant a lot to me to see people after they opened it up on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, they sent me pictures of (the) kids and their expressions," Masias said.

And the response from the families she helped has left Masias....

"Speechless, anybody who knows me knows I talk and I talk and I talk and for the first time in my life, (I'm) actually speechless," said Masias.

Not only did Masias and her friends help the families of the 32 children who contacted her on Facebook, she was also able to help five more kids at the day care where she works.