Holiday stresses can trigger relapse for recovering addicts

Holiday stresses can trigger relapse for recovering addicts

Amarillo, TX - The holiday season is meant to bring joy and happiness but for recovering addicts, the times meant to be filled with family and friends can quickly turn into unwanted stress.

Experts say that's because many of these addicts have strained relationships with their family and friends and that can make the holiday season tough. Plus, struggling alcoholics can often have their addictions triggered if they're around any holiday parties where alcohol might be present.

That's why groups like Another Chance House in Amarillo continues to focus on the positives of beating those addictions and reinforcing a new type of family environment to remind them that they're not alone. "Dealing with addictions is tough every day, as an every day thing," explained Assistant Director for Another Chance House, Bobby Nixon.

"Holidays can compound the issue because most of the men who come through our doors have burned bridges with their family and friends and don't have anybody to go to. We try to create that familial atmosphere where they know that they belong."

Another Chance House aims to help comfort some of their recovering addicts during the holidays through gestures like giving them each gifts and by serving them an authentic country cooked meal on Christmas day.