Toys for Tots struggles for donations this holiday season

Toys for Tots struggles for donations this holiday season

Amarillo, TX - Toys for Tots is playing Santa Tuesday and making its last deliveries before Christmas.

The organization was able to collect almost 10,000 toys this year to give to 6,500 local families, but it wasn't easy. For a while, Toys for Tots thought there wouldn't be enough gifts to go around.

"The toys came in a lot slower than they have in the past," said Toys for Tots director Carole Hamlin. "We had a little bit less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year than we do in normal years, so the toys came in slower."

The organization received almost half their total donations last week alone. Hamlin said marines no longer being based in Amarillo affected donations as well. "Most people want to see the Marines in uniform," said Hamlin. "That's what they want to see and that's what they associate with Toys for Tots."

The lack of Marine presence also affected man-power when it came time to deliver toys.
"We did okay, and volunteers helped us and we got through it," said Hamlin. "But next year we have plans to have the few Marines who are in town to help us a little bit more."

Despite their struggles to get donations, the toys did come. "The people of Amarillo stepped up and they donated, and we got lots of stuff," said Hamlin. "We have something for everyone that requested something."

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10