State championship game meant more to one Wellington player

State championship game meant more to one Wellington player

Wellington, Texas - One player on the state champion Wellington Skyrocket team suffered a season, and even career ending injury out on the field this year.

But the senior was able to be a part of the game that brought home the first ever state title for the Skyrockets. "I crushed a vertebra and cracked two other vertebra's, and also broke a rib and got a concussion," Reed Sessions, a senior on the Wellington High school football team said.

It was an injury that could have left him paralyzed. Sessions suffered a major injury during only their third game of the season against Memphis that cost him the rest of his senior year out on the field, and also his football career.

"Well you know being a coach, all these kids, they give up everything and they work so hard. Coming from the summers and seven on seven and going through our off season program, just getting ready you know for two-a-days and the heat, everything that kind of comes with it... You don't realize how hard these kids work and how much time they put in," Britt Hart, Offensive Coordinator for the Skyrockets said.

Working hard is something Coach Hart says Sessions always did. But his football career wasn't completely over after that game in Memphis. Sessions suited up and was a part of the last two plays that brought home a state championship to Wellington.

"It's kind of hard to believe we were playing in Cowboys stadium to begin with, and it's even harder to believe that we were winning state. I still don't know if it's really sunk in yet. I love all my coaches. I'm glad they put me in there and I got to experience that," Sessions said.

Sessions says that's a memory and a game he will never forget. Junior Gerardo Ortiz also missed out on the season after an injury the first game. He was also put in for the last two plays to be a part of a state title win.