Potential apartment development in Guymon

Potential apartment development in Guymon

The city of Guymon is hoping a historic building will help relieve the city's housing need.

For a little over a year and a half Guymon has been going through a housing crunch due to a boom in the wind and natural gas industries.

The Executive Director of Guymon Chamber of Commerce, Jada Breeden, says if they don't get more housing it could be detrimental to their growth.

"We can't get businesses if you don't have any place to put people. So it is really important to us to expand and to grow and make sure we have a really great community for the future."

The city says they are considering renovating four vacant floors of the five story Dale Hotel to include apartments.

The historic building has been around since the 1940's.

The mayor of Guymon, Kim Peterson, says this development could really help the city's housing demand.

"Right now from what I understand, we are about 500 homes or apartments short because just Seaboard alone has that many people that are commuting from as far away as Cactus, Texas and Dodge City, Kansas on a daily basis.

Breeden says the Dale Hotel is special to Guymon, so being able to renovate the building would be a win for the community.

And apartments are not the only thing they are planning on adding to the building.

"The main floor would be a commercial retail establishment. Where they would have that plus the addition of the apartments on the second through the 5th floor"

Right now they are still in the beginning phases of the project and there will be several financial obstacles to overcome before it can be set in stone.