Local organization prepares to help victims of Sudan conflict

Local organization prepares to help victims of Sudan conflict

Amarillo, TX - As the conflict in Sudan worsens, Amarillo's Christian Relief Fund is preparing to help out.

The organization has a camp in Southern Sudan, located just south of where all the rebel fighting is happening. At the camp, volunteers provide food and shelter for displaced residents in need.

Christian Relief Fund president Milton Jones said their camp is relatively empty now, but volunteers are ready to handle an influx of people as the fighting gets worse and more people try to escape the area.

"We're set up there, and we'll also be set up in Kenya where probably most of the refugees will go," said Jones.

During past conflicts in Sudan, Jones said the organization has seen the majority of refugees escape to Northern Kenya, where the organization's volunteers are predominantly located. Volunteers will work with refugee camps in the area to bring extra food for refugees if there becomes a need.

The efforts of the Christian Relief Fund in Sudan and Kenya are made possible mostly by donations from Amarillo area churches. To donate to the organization's disaster relief fund, visit their website at www.christianrelieffund.org/disaster.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10