Roosevelt County Clerk and her Chief Deputy resign

Roosevelt County Clerk and her Chief Deputy resign
Roosevelt County Manager Charlene Webb
Roosevelt County Manager Charlene Webb

Portales, NM - The Roosevelt County Clerk's Office was closed Friday due to the resignation of the County Clerk and her Chief Deputy.

We spoke with the Roosevelt County Manager who says she received notification Friday morning from both County Clerk Donna Carpenter and her Deputy Chief Janet Collins in which they both officially resigned their positions.

"It has slowed business down this afternoon because we technically have no County Clerk until the Commission appoints someone to fill the vacancy, so the office has been closed this afternoon," Roosevelt County Manager Charlene Webb said.

While Webb tells us they both resigned for personal reasons, Carpenter had expressed concerns over New Mexico legalizing same-sex marriage.

"She stated her concerns with the possible outcome of the ruling with us several months ago, but no one knew how that outcome would turn out and what her final decision would be," said Webb.

However, the Associated Press spoke with a Roosevelt County Commissioner who confirmed they both resigned over the new same-sex marriage law.

After Carpenter's resignation we went to Portales and asked the locals how they felt about this sudden change in their county government.

"It's quite shocking, I mean in a way it's kind (of) not as shocking, it's just understandable that people have different views about things, so that she feels that way, that's okay, that's her opinion," Resident Elijah Neito said.

"I believe if you are in a job and if you don't believe what is going on around it, if your personal reasons are against it, you (want to) leave, it's completely up to you, it's a personal decision," said Resident Jazmin Davila.

"It doesn't come as a surprise to me because there are a lot of people who think there is one way to do things and one way only, and that's how you should do it all of the time, but it's not really a surprise that somebody would get that upset over it," Resident Mikayla Montjoy said.

"They won't be as good as her, they'll have a hard time replacing her," said Resident Web Smartnick.

The Roosevelt County Commission will meet on Monday at 8 am to appoint a new County Clerk.

Once the new County Clerk is elected they will appoint a new Chief Deputy.

The newly appointed County Clerk will serve until a new County Clerk is elected next November and then whoever wins the election will take over in January 2015.