Amarillo police increase holiday patrols

Amarillo, TX - The holidays bring more drinking and driving incidents and the Amarillo Police Department is doing their best to make sure the roads are safe.

The city of Amarillo was approved for a traffic enforcement grant from the Texas Department of Transportation.

This grant pays for officers to patrol and focus on impaired drivers and speeders.

We spoke with Sergeant Brent Barbee about how impaired driving can easily turn a holiday celebration into a tragic situation.

"At the very least, you're dealing with an arrest, loss of your drivers license, time in jail, impound fees, lawyer fees, many many other complications that come with the loss of your drivers license, and embarrassment. And then you look at the other end of the scale. And it is the loss of life. The waste of human life that comes from traffic accidents and its all eminently preventable"

Barbee says we have had about 30 people die in Amarillo so far this year in traffic accidents.

Of those thirty, thirteen were drug or alcohol related.