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Company Donates Roof to Family in Need

Source: The Morton Family Source: The Morton Family
Source: The Morton Family Source: The Morton Family
Source: The Morton Family Source: The Morton Family

Amarillo, TX - Thanks to the generosity of one roofing company a family in need will now have a new roof.

The Morton family's roof was damaged in the Hail Storm like many other people in Amarillo, but because their two year old daughter Katelynn has Cancer they were having trouble finding the money to fix it.

Katelynn was diagnosed with Cancer back at the end of summer and has been undergoing Chemo since then.

"We are scheduled to go to Dallas next week to get, have a tumor removed from her liver," Jason Morton who is Katelynn's Father said.

After the tumor is removed Katelynn will still have to undergo another six weeks of Chemo.

"We're in the process of praying that it will get better for her," said Morton.

After the Hail Storm back in May the Morton's needed a new roof, but with Katelynn's medical bills it was going to be difficult for them to pay for it, but then Cornerstone Roofing and Remodeling stepped in to help.

"I came over, took a look at the property, talked to Jason and his wife and advised them that we were going to help them out, after that you know I told them basically we're going to give you guys a free roof," Jerry Reyes who is the Owner of Cornerstone Roofing and Remodeling said.

Reyes then called Home Depot and they volunteered some people to help out as well.

"When we heard about this one, it was kind of special and we really wanted to make sure we were a part of it," said Mark Cruz who came out as Volunteer with Home Depot.

"If we can do a little bit to help them out right now...and help out Katelynn...hopefully everything goes good next week for her and if this will help them just forget a little bit of something as far as finances then we want to do our part," Reyes said.

Morton and his family are so grateful for this gesture from the community.

"I couldn't even explain it in words, it's great that there's people in the world that help you out when you need help and stuff, you know donate their time, materials anything like that, it's great to live in a town where people will do that," said Morton.

The Morton family asks that if you wish to help them that you make a donation to a local charity such as Panhandle Angels or Make a Wish so other sick kids and their families can receive help too.

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