Target security breach affects area residents

Target security breach affects area residents

Amarillo, TX - Recent Target shoppers may be at risk from a security breach affecting stores nationwide and close to home.

Target confirmed a massive debit and credit card information breach at store locations across the United States. Target said more than 40 million shoppers who purchased merchandise between November 27 and December 15 could be at risk.

In Amarillo, there has been one reported case of fraudulent activity connected to Target, but local banks expect that number to grow as more people become aware of the incident.

Local banks are urging customers who shopped at Target to check their banking accounts diligently over the next few weeks to make sure transactions look normal.

"If you have mobile banking or online banking, utilize that and just check that daily and weekly," said assistant vice president of Amarillo National Bank Stewart Dodson. "You just always want to stay on top of your account just to make sure you're not having fraudulent activity."

If your banking account does have fraudulent activity, report it to your bank as soon as possible so it can cancel your card and start the paperwork process to get your money back. Most banks will reimburse money stolen from your account once they prove the activity is fraudulent.

Target said it is partnering with a third-party forensics firm to conduct an investigation on the incident.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10