Store makes custom caskets for area residents

Store makes custom caskets for area residents

Amarillo, TX - A store at Westgate Mall in Amarillo is offering a unique way to bury loved ones.

From the outside, 'Til We Meet Again is just a memorial store filled with urns and remembrance trinkets. But behind closed doors, there's an alternative option to honor loved ones. The store designs custom caskets crafted to represent the personalities and passions of the deceased. Designs vary from favorite sports teams to an actual car.

"We try to sit down with people and really find out about their loved ones and how they lived their lives and what they were passionate about," said store manager Tyler Porch. "And then we try to design something around that."

Even though the store sells caskets, it does not make pre-arrangements for deaths like a funeral home. "We are not a funeral home, and we do not compete with funeral homes," said Porch.

Hundreds of NewsChannel 10 viewers have commented on Facebook about the store's location. About half said the mall is the wrong place to sell caskets, and the other half said it was a nice alternative to visiting a funeral home.

Porch said the location was a strategic marketing move for the company. "The whole premise behind us being at a mall is we want people to know we are here and where we're at before they ever need us."

The store keeps the caskets behind closed doors so it does not offend shoppers walking by.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10