Incandescent light bulbs go dark in January

Incandescent light bulbs go dark in January

Amarillo, TX - It's lights out for incandescent light bulbs after the first of the year.

Under the Clean Energy Act of 2007, manufacturing incandescent lights becomes illegal on January 1. Some area residents are stocking up while they can.

Stores will continue selling the incandescent lights until supplies run out. After that, residents will only be able to buy the more efficient and energy-saving LED and CFL lights.

Because those lights are more expensive, some area residents say they aren't pleased with the upcoming changes. "We want to take care of the environment," said resident Janace Ponder. "But we also have to look at budgets. We have to rent property and our own property, and it's a lot of lights."

Since 2007, the Clean Energy Act has slowly been phasing out incandescent lights. January 1 is the final phase out, which will eliminate the most popular 40-watt and 60-watt bulbs.

Though efficient lights cost more at the store, energy companies say the lights will save you money off your bill in the long run.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10