UPDATE: Botulism outbreak tied to homemade dish

UPDATE: Botulism outbreak tied to homemade dish

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo, TX - The source that caused four cases of Botulism in Amarillo has been identified.

After extensive testing, health officials are saying the botulism bacteria is stemming from a single dish of Middle Eastern Food, called Turshi.

Investigators found the link between all four patients to be from a single dish which was prepared and served in someone's home.

"We're relieved that this food source does seem to be restricted to this one meal that was shared between two apartments and shared between four individuals," Director of the Amarillo Public Health Department, Matt Richardson said.

City Health Department Officials say two people remain hospitalized, but all four patients are still showing symptoms for botulism.

Officials say no store-bought food items or businesses have been linked to the outbreak, and no new cases of botulism have been reported.