The measles virus could become more common

The measles virus could become more common

Amarillo, TX - The measles virus could be making a comeback.

The CDC recently voiced concern about the spread of the virus.

They say although it has been virtually eliminated in the US, outbreaks still happen.

Right now in Western Europe measles are common.

Dr. Vinod K. Sethi with Texas Tech Physicians in Amarillo says some U.S. travelers are bringing it back with them.

"Some children and adults were not being immunized in Europe. So how the disease comes to America is mostly these people bring it back who have not been vaccinated. And they spread the disease and that is the problem whether they come from Europe or even south of us.

Every day around the world around 430 children die of measles.

Sethi says getting vaccinated is key to prevention.

"It is extremely important because they have a risk of getting the measles if they are exposed to somebody and we even suggest that adult who are in public, get the vaccine. Because if the adult gets the vaccine it is usually very very serious."

A local pediatrician, Mariada George, says more parents are hesitant to vaccinate their children because they think its harmful, but she says this can be very dangerous.

"People have been convinced that the vaccines are harmful ... I wouldn't give them to my kids if I thought they were harmful. And people think there is no reason to give them. It won't happen here ... not in the country. We don't have illnesses that are bad. Well, we do. We have pertussis, which kills children every year"

Dr. George also says its important to get children vaccinated at the right times, rather than spreading out vaccinations.