Breast cancer care comes to Pampa

Breast cancer care comes to Pampa

Pampa, TX - Doctors from Texas Tech's Breast Center of Excellence are bringing breast cancer care to Pampa.

Before now, Pampa patients with breast cancer had to travel all the way to Amarillo to receive care. Now doctors from Texas Tech are bringing that care to them. They are hosting free clinics the second Friday of every month at the Pampa Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Rakhshanda Rahman said the clinic will help more rural women in need. "Many of the women don't even get a mammogram and care in time because of those geographical distances," said Rahman. "They choose not to do it at all. So our hope is that once the care is available close to home, those women who have problems and are choosing not to come will now take advantage of the convenient situation and get checked out."

Doctors said the convenience factor is huge and helps both the patient and their family by cutting traveling time. The Breast Center wants to expand to other rural areas like Borger and Dalhart in the near future. Because the clinic is free to patients, expanding just depends on the amount of grant money they can get to fund the program.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10