Landowners meet to discuss lesser prairie chicken conservation

Landowners meet to discuss lesser prairie chicken conservation

Pampa, TX - Landowners now know more about their role in the Lesser Prairie Chicken Range Wide Conservation Plan.

There are two parts to this conservation plan...the Oil Companies and the Landowners. Thursday, the Landowners met to see what their part is and what they need to do to get involved.

"Mainly it's to show them how they enroll and whether or not they want to provide enough details about how that plan would be implemented on their property, what they would gain from the plan and whether or not it's a good fit for their operation," said Scott Richardson who is the District Leader of Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The program is voluntary and if a Farmer or Rancher chooses to sign-up then their land will be evaluated to determine if it is good conservation land for the lesser prairie chicken. If it is, they will qualify for financial benefits.

 "They get funding to provide habitat for the bird and that means they can still do the farming and ranching, but they have an additional resource stream coming in," Sean Kyle who is a Wildlife Diversity Biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife said.

The Landowners will use the funding to better manage the chicken's habitat on their land.

"It's (going to) foster more conservation and more acres of habitat for the species which means stable populations," said Kyle.

And hopefully with stable populations the US Fish and Wildlife Service will not list the lesser prairie chicken as threatened on the Endangered Species List.

They are set to vote on whether to add it to the list on March 30th of 2014.