Fading out antibiotics in animals

Fading out antibiotics in animals

Amarillo, TX - Farmers and ranchers in our area will now follow new regulations placed by the food and drug administrations.

The FDA wants farmers to reduce the amount of antibiotics they give to their animals, but a local expert says it wont be that significant on the industry in our area.

The agency has a plan to eliminate specific antibiotics in food production.

A veterinarian for Cactus Feeders, Carter King, in Amarillo says because they are only regulating specific antibiotics, the impact in our area will be relatively small.

"They will be allowed to keep the disease claims, its just the growth promotion claims that have to go away. And so some of those products will be able to revamp their label and eliminate those lower dose growth promotion claims and maintain the products ... but it is up to the pharmaceutical sponsor, whether or not they want to do that."

Animals can still be given antibiotics for medical reasons.

However, new regulations implemented by the FDA say antibiotics will no longer be available over the counter.

It will require a veterinarians approval.

One local vet, Dr. David E. Faulkner, says he agrees with this regulation.

"For sickness, a lot of respiratory diseases and GI diseases. They have a lot of viruses and you don't really treat the virus but, you treat the secondary bacteria, just like in people. They are very needed"

A doctor in our area, Mariada George, explained why regulating the use of antibiotics is important.

"we have used amoxicillin so much that it doesn't work against a lot of things now, or if it does work you have to use twice the dose. When before you could just give someone a regular dose of amoxicillin and it would fix just about anything ... now days it doesn't.

Pharmaceutical companies will have about three years to implement these changes.