Man finds $10k in cash laying in parking lot

Man finds $10k in cash laying in parking lot
AMARILLO - It was an average Monday afternoon when Thomas Cook stopped at the Harbor Freight Tool store on Interstate 40.

"I came up here to buy a pair of gloves," Cook said.

As he exited the store and walked back to his truck, he saw a blue bank bag sitting in the grass near the parking lot.

"I picked it up and looked in it, and it was a whole stack of hundred dollar bills," Cook said.

With nearly $10,000 cash in his hands, Cook went back inside the store, gave the money to a store manager to place inside a safe, then called police.

Not long after officers arrived, a man showed up to claim the money. But police kept it, until he could prove it was his.

Cook doesn't remember the name of the man who claimed the cash, but the man did take Cook's name and number, saying he would call Cook with a reward when police returned his money. But police say they gave the cash back to its rightful owner Tuesday morning, but Cook has yet to receive a call.

Cook says there was no hesitation when turning the money in.

"Then after I left I was thinking and my mind was racing on what I could do with that kind of money," he said.

Some Harbor Freight customers say they'd have done the same thing, but others say they would have kept it.

As for Cook, he just hopes good karma comes his way in the future because there are a lot of things he could have used $10,000 to buy.

"I could pay off my house, pay off both my cars, could have a very merry Christmas and bless someone else," he said.