Canyon High boys basketball team shows support for coach who has cancer

Canyon High boys basketball team shows support for coach who has cancer

Canyon, TX - Over the last year the Canyon High Eagles Boys' Basketball team has been encouraging their Coach throughout his battle with Cancer.

Until last night the team had only considered shaving their heads in support of their Coach...

"Last year when we first heard about it, it was kind of on the back burner,"Cody Price who is a Canyon High Basketball Player said.

"Once he went through Chemo, we started seeing patches on his head a little bit, Doug came up to me and he was like let's shave our heads," Price explained.

"It was really fun actually, you know we had fun doing it and it meant a lot to all of us and we know the magnitude of what we are doing," Dylan Douglass another Canyon High Basketball Player said.

It was not just each individual player doing what they thought was right, it was an entire team coming together to show support for their Coach.

"It's really cool just to show him, he's not by himself, that we're one team, one family, all together that even though he's the one going through all the pain and all that, he's still sticking through us, coaching us, mentoring us, showing us what to do, so it's kind of a way (of) saying we're here with you too," Price said.

Over the last year the team has showed their support by wearing blue socks during games, selling t-shirts and bracelets and even holding a bake sale, which raised around $20,000.

"It really makes a statement to everyone else, no that we're a team and we're always going to be there for each other necessarily, but that we care for each other and truly want to be there for each other no matter on or off the court," Douglass said.

Shaving their heads was just another step in understanding the many lessons they learn as players.

"You know basketball is probably the least important of all this, but at the same time it's brought us all together and all united us to be there for Coach and it's all taught us the values of family and being more than just a team," Douglass said.

"It shows how much of a family we are and how together we are and how much we love each other," Price said.