Travelers still stuck at Amarillo Airport

Travelers still stuck at Amarillo Airport

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Hundreds of travelers remain stranded in airports across Texas after snow and ice blanketed much of the Dallas area. But, things are beginning to look up as the ice and snow begin to melt.

Although we're not seeing weather quite as bad as it is in Dallas, it's still impacting travelers at Rick Husband International Airport who are trying to catch a flight. "Quite a lot of people's plans were messed up and had to be re-booked," Airport Manager Pat Rhodes said.

Since last Thursday, more than 30 flights have been delayed or canceled at Rick Husband. Even though the icy conditions are hundreds of miles away, they are still causing frustration among some fliers here, especially when it's the connecting flight causing all the trouble.

William Young, a business man trying to make it overseas has experienced the delays first hand. "I'm trying to get to DFW. I've signed up for a new contract in Algeria, but not much success. We'll stand by and try it again tomorrow," he told us.

But there may be relief in the near future. "I would think, unless there is another weather event, that things should be back to normal by tomorrow," Rhodes said.

Those traveling on SouthWest and American Airlines have been the ones seeing the most delays.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10