Amarillo man strives to improve computer literacy this Christmas

Amarillo man strives to improve computer literacy this Christmas

AMARILLO - According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one in five Texas families do not have a computer in their home, but an Amarillo man is trying to change that.

Paul Green is asking for donations of old computers and monitors that he will fix-up and pass on to under-privileged Amarillo children for Christmas. "Instead of throwing them in the trash, mind's we'll give them to somebody that's less fortunate," he said.

For five years, Green has gathered old computer parts and turned them into working machines. For the past two years, he's teamed up with the Cornerstone Church of Amarillo to donate them to under-privileged children.

"God blessed us, to bless others. So yeah, I do it as a way to give back to the community," Green said.

Most of those computers go to low income children living in North Amarillo. "We do see a lot of families who don't have a computer in their homes," Director of Direct Services for Region 16's Head Start program, Karla Weatherly said.

Weatherly says computers help children as young as three learn motor skills, matching, and much more. "As we move further and further into the technological age, it just becomes more important for young children to have opportunities for digital learning," she said.

Computers are a part of every school district's curriculum, but Weatherly says children who don't have access to them at home often fall behind. "Learning about computers and having time on the computer the better prepared they are for future success in school," Weatherly said.

But Green believes a child's success shouldn't be hindered by their parent's income. "I'll take donations all year round," he said.

Green also builds computers for Amarillo College students in need. You can contact Green by calling his company NUTn Works at 806-341-8562.