Dent repairs during cold weather causing concerns

Dent repairs during cold weather causing concerns

Amarillo, TX - Many area residents are still trying to get hail damage repairs done on their cars. There are outside tent shops offering dent repairs, but the colder weather adds some complications.

A local auto body shop said repairing dents in severe cold can cause more damage. If metal isn't heated properly, paint will chip and crack during the dent repair process.

"Well you really need a warm shop to work in so you can get the metal warm," said Jimmy Fincher, the owner of Jimmy Fincher Body Shop. "Sometimes if you try to repair the paint in a cold environment it doesn't work very well."

Auto body shops said they only repair dents inside when the weather is cold because of paint damage risks.

They said the tent shops are helping relieve some of their hail storm backlog, but improperly fixed dents make their job harder and cost customers more money.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10