Merry Christmas allowed in the classroom this year

Merry Christmas allowed in the classroom this year

Texas is touting a law protecting Christmas in schools.

Just in time for the holidays, a Texas lawmaker is making extra sure everyone remembers wishing someone "Merry Christmas'' is now protected by law in public schools around the state.

Houston Republican Representative Dwayne Bohac is holding a state capitol press conference Monday with his son, Reagan, and with Santa Claus. He sponsored a bipartisan measure that received national attention when it sailed through the legislature this summer.

It removes legal risks from exchanging holiday greetings in the classroom, and also protects holiday symbols such as a menorah or nativity scene.

Bohac said it will stop "ridiculous" past lawsuits against schools in the name of excessive political correctness.

The law says schools are constitutionally barred from favoring one religious celebration over another, but it is named in honor of Christmas.