Effects of North Texas ice storm felt in Amarillo

Effects of North Texas ice storm felt in Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX - A dry, freezing weekend in the Panhandle was an icy nightmare for the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Highways were shut down, airport lines were long, and parking lots turned into skating rinks. But one positive that will come out of this winter weather for Dallas-Fort Worth is a good dent in drought conditions as the ice melts into the earth.

"It's actually a little better in terms of drought because it's a little more of a slow process so it doesn't run off as quickly, it percolates into the ground so that's very helpful for the drought," National Weather Service meteorologist Jose Garcia said.

Despite missing the moisture, Garcia says the Panhandle was lucky to miss the worst of this storm.

Though the Amarillo Bulls hockey team wasn't as lucky. "The area between Decatur and Wichita Falls was pretty bad," Amarillo Bulls General Manager Rick Matchett said. The team was stranded in a Fort Worth hotel all weekend and had to call off Sunday's home game against the Odessa Jackelopes. "Everything was just shut down, they couldn't even get taxi cabs you know they were just going to hospitals and airports and that was it," Matchett said.

Garcia says such harsh winter weather in early December isn't too out of the ordinary, and they're still predicting a fairly mild winter season. "The thing that's most unusual about this storm is just the breadth of it," he said. "It's pretty much cross-country."

The Amarillo Bulls have not yet set a date for when they will reschedule their sonic-free Sunday game, or their game against Odessa.