Kids Cafe important part of High Plains Food Bank

Kids Cafe important part of High Plains Food Bank

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo, Texas - The High Plains Food Bank serves thousands of people all across the panhandle in the hopes to help end hunger.

But, they do more than just supply food to families in need. This year marks 10 years since the High Plains Food Bank Kid's Cafe started. Since then more than a million meals have been served to children within just the Amarillo community. Meals many of these kids might go without.

The truck arrives around 3:30. Already kids who have gotten out of class at the elementary school across the street from Eastridge Baptist Church are ready for their meals. Soon the mission center will fill up with even more kids. "Well it varies between about 110 and 120 five days a week," Mike Garman, pastor at Eastridge Baptist Church said.

Pastor Garman says many of the kids in this neighborhood might not get another meal during the day besides the ones that are served at school, making the Kids Cafe something vital for these children. "if we could provide them with a meal, then it's something less for someone else to have to worry about getting them, and getting them all the things that they need as far as a nutritious meal," Leigh Fuller, director of Kids Cafe said.

Meals are prepared at the Kids Cafe kitchen by three staff members and delivered to several locations throughout the city five days a week. Then volunteers serve the kids. Ten years ago when this program started, organizers never imagined how big it would grow. "Didn't realize there was that big of a need, but very happy that it has come this far," Fuller said.