Former area man, suspect in triple homicide

Former area man, suspect in triple homicide

A former area man is the focus in a federal man hunt.

Police and Federal Authorities are looking for 59 year old Harry Mapps. The former Dimmitt resident is accused of triple homicide, arson, identity theft and forgery, out of Pueblo County, Colorado in connection with an incident last week.

Police say Mapps is accused of murdering a family of three who lived in the house where he was temporarily renting a room. The Pueblo County Sheriff identified the victims as Reginald Tuttle, Kim Tuttle and their daughter, Dawn Roderick.

They say Mapps then lit the house on fire before fleeing. Just a few hours later, police say Mapps cashed two checks that belonged to one of the victims.

We spoke with the Pueblo County BuBureauhief who says several agencies are searching for Mapps. "We are working with federal agencies, with the U.S. Marshals, and our local FBI is helping us. Numerous agencies around the country where he may have had relatives, they are checking for us. At this point he is considered a fugitive," Charlene Graham said.

Mapps has an estranged wife who lives in Dimmitt, but when we asked if there was any chance he could be there, the Buero Chief told us that chance is very slim.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10