Hereford man dies in morning fire

Hereford man dies in morning fire

HEREFORD, TX (KFDA) - HEREFORD, TX - A Hereford man is dead after a fire sparked in his bedroom Thursday morning.

The Hereford Police Department was called to a structure fire just before 8:30 a.m. at 321 Avenue J.

Thick smoke and flames were bursting from a window of the home when firefighters arrived on the scene. Inside that room, fire fighters found 63-year-old Israel Delacerda. Justice of the Peace Karen Borden pronounced Delacerda dead at the scene.

Hereford Fire Marshall Dean Turney said the fire was accidental, sparked by an over-loaded extension cord. Turney did not say what was plugged into the extension cord, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission extension cords should be checked frequently for visible damages to the plug, sockets, and insulation.

CPSC also advises you check the rating or capacity of the cord, before plugging in power appliances.

Other safety tips from CPSC include:

-Do not run extension cords under carpets, through doorways or under furniture.

-Only use an extension cord outdoors if it is marked for outdoor use.

- Never alter a cord to change its length or perform inadequate repairs such as taping up damaged insulation.

-Do not trim, cut or alter the plug blades in any way.

- Unplug an extension cord when it is not in use. The cord is energized when it is plugged in and can overheat if shorted.