Morning house fire on Buchanan

Morning house fire on Buchanan

Amarillo, Texas - An overnight fire has been a challenge for Amarillo firefighters Thursday morning as freezing temperatures caused issues with water putting out flames.

The blaze began around 12:30 in a mobile home near 9th and North Buchanan. It took emergency crews until 3:30 to get the fire completely under control.

Fire fighting efforts were also hampered by an exceptional amount of personal items and materials that blocked doorways and other points of entry. Fire fighters had to cut a door-sized opening near windows to enter the home.

The home was occupied by two people, who were able to escape with without life-threatening injuries. One occupant received burns to a hand due to attempting to put out the fire before exiting the home, but the burns were minor enough he refused treatment.

Officials have not yet determined the cause of the fire and remains under investigation at this time.