New technology helps local farmers

New technology helps local farmers

Amarillo, TX - Many area farmers are still experiencing drought conditions across the Panhandle, but new technology can help during these tough times.

The AquaSpy and the HydroBio are both new technologies helping farmers monitor their water usage.

The AquaSpy uses sensors buried in the ground to analyze data from the roots of crops and soil. The data shows farmers if they are watering or fertilizing too much or too little.

"What we're about is trying to help farmers put the right amount of water on at the right time to get the maximum value for that water," said AquaSpy representative David Sloan. "And so they're generally able to save some water, but also increase yields and productivity and profitability at the same time."

Another new field monitoring system is the HydroBio. It uses satellite imagery to monitor crop fields. The satellite images, combined with weather data, show farmers how much they are watering their fields and which areas are producing the most yield.

Both companies say the data can save farmers money in the long run, especially when there is a drought.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10