Drought in Texas easing but not everywhere

Drought in Texas easing but not everywhere

Amarillo, Texas - The drought that has plagued Texas has eased according to researchers. They are thanking spring and summer rainfall, but that isn't the case all across the state.

The drying out of Texas has slowed over the past few months as near normal spring and summer rainfall eased the drought.

State climatologist, John Nielsen-Gammon reported to the Houston Chronicle drought conditions have actually ended in most of east and southeast Texas, however the western half of the state remains in drought.

The drought peaked in early October 2011, when the U.S. drought monitor showed 99 percent of the state in severe drought or worse. Today, about 20 percent of the state is in severe drought or worse, while 47 percent is in at least a "moderate'' drought.

The drought monitor Wednesday morning shows the panhandle is what looks to be the worst part of the state. A vast majority of our area is in moderate to severe drought with many parts even in extreme drought. So our fight against the drought here in the panhandle is not over yet.