Heating tape dangers

Heating tape dangers

Amarillo, TX - More area residents are purchasing an item experts say, if not used properly, could pose a fire risk to their homes.

Using heating tape can prevent metal pipes and plastic pipes from bursting in freezing temperatures.

It also prevents pipes from freezing, which could cause a home to lose access to water.

While heating tape has a lot of benefits, precautions should be taken before its applied.

A representative with Home Depot, Nathan Allison, explained what you should know before using heating tape. "You never want to spiral the heating tape around the pipe, you want to install it in a straight line, you don't want to use it on a pipe less than 3 feet long, and you don't want to use it on a plastic pipe, unless there is currently water in it and there will be water in it the whole time you are using the heat tape."

Allison says if you don't use the product correctly, it can result in fire and electric shock.

He adds to always follow the instructions and to be aware of the safety warnings.