OSHA report details citations in response to February death at Pampa plant

OSHA report details citations in response to February death at Pampa plant

PAMPA, TX - Nearly a year after one man is killed and another severely injured while on the job in Pampa, a legal battle continues.

Right now, one Pampa family is mourning the death of a loved one and a Pampa man is living with life long injuries after a building partially collapsed on them while on the job.

The accident happened back in February at the former Celenese coal-power plant in Pampa. Ironrock Resources Incorporated was the company contracted to demolish the site and after a lengthy investigation the Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited the Stephenville-based company in July with two violations adding up to $5,600.

The OSHA report obtained by NewsChannel 10 shows the company did not instruct employees to avoid unsafe conditions on the work site, did not provide a training program for each employee to prevent hazards, and failed to install a guardrail system, safety net system, or personal fall arrest system while employees were working more than 6 feet in the air.

Both violations were classified as "serious," but Amarillo attorney Michael Warner says in OSHA terms "serious" violations don't usually mean serious punishment. Only violations classified as "willful" usually carry hefty fines.

"It is a slap on the wrist. I mean if there's a situation out there that can happen and somebody can get killed, and in fact does get killed, to me, that's more than a 'serious' violation," Warner said.

Warner says though the fine OSHA issued to Ironrock Resources was relatively minor, the fact that the company was cited by OSHA will give the victims of the accident sharper teeth if they decide to sue the company in a civil court. Ironrock Resources or the families of either victim in the case could not be reached for comment.