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Sherman County narcotics K9 trained to help keep drugs out of the Panhandle

Sherman County, TX - With concerns about drugs passing through the panhandle, Sherman County's Sheriff says he is doing his best to be proactive to keep the area safe.

Sheriff Joe Powell is welcoming a new four-legged Deputy, who begins work this week to help track down drugs.

After seeing the success narcotic dogs in Dallam and Hartley Counties, Powell said he knew he needed a K9 for his community. Four year old Ziggy, a Dutch Shepard was purchased two months ago, with money from Powell's own pocket.

Ziggy was previously owned by an officer within the Fritch Police Department. Now, after completing Narcotic's Training, both Ziggy and Powell are ready to hit the street's running. "Ziggy is certified in narcotics and tracking. He can locate marijuana, heroine, cocaine and methamphetamine," Powell said.

Something Powell said would benefit not only his community, but also the Panhandle. "Some folks might say if it's going through your county, let it keep going, but I want to stop it as soon as we can."
As for future plans, Powell said if Ziggy is successful, there is a chance another K9 may be in the future. "If he produces the way we expect him to, I would like to have a dog on both day shirt and night shift." But for now, Ziggy will come to work every day as a Deputy, working to serve Sherman County. Sheriff Powell says he also plans on bringing Ziggy to the schools to help introduce him to the community.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.

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