Cotton ball diet dangers

Cotton ball diet dangers

Amarillo, TX - Some teens are going to extremes to lose weight.

They are calling it the "cotton ball diet", it's all in an effort to feel full without actually consuming food to lose pounds.

It involves dipping cotton balls in orange juice or some other liquid before consuming them.

Youtube videos are adding interest to the diet trend.

Videos online demonstrate how to swallow the cotton balls.

We spoke with a local doctor, Meganne Walsh, who says there are many dangers with this diet, but the first is just getting the cotton ball down.

"Cotton balls are inedible. So they are not meant to be eaten. Any time we try to eat something that is not a food, we have the risk of aspirating on it. What aspirating means is just sucking it down into the lungs, instead of sucking it down into the stomach. And what happens is, the lungs don't have a defense mechanism against things that are not air, that are sucked into the lungs."

Doctor Walsh adds this is an extremely unhealthy way to lose weight and it can have serious negative side effects on your digestive system.