Snack Pak 4 Kids needs a new warehouse

Snack Pak 4 Kids needs a new warehouse

Amarillo, TX - After January, Snack Pak 4 Kids can no longer use its current warehouse because it has been sold to another party.

Snack Pak's warehouse was a temporary loan from a group of owners who lent it to them for free while the building was on the market. The facility was sold on Friday and the sell is now shaking things up for Snack Pak.

After two years, Snack Pak 4 Kids is looking for a new place to call home so it can continue feeding hungry kids across the panhandle.

"The new owners want to move in by February," said warehouse manager Arnie Padilla. "Which means we're going to need a warehouse, a facility that will allow us to store the food, pack the bags, and do all the things we do for Snack Pak to get the food to the kids."

Snack Pak volunteer Jeff Wilkerson said the facility has treated the organization well over the past two years. "This warehouse has served us very well, but it will be nice to get a new one. The main thing is to just have a warehouse."

Snack Pak won't be displaced completely. The building's previous owners are letting them move temporarily to one of their other facilities down the street. While Snack Pak searches for a more permanent location, it will be moving to a warehouse on the 900 block of 2nd Avenue.

"The ultimate goal is to find a permanent location and not be hopping around from location to location," said Padilla. He said the next hurdle for Snack Pak is finding funding for a new place, but the organization does not want to dip into donations for buying food.

"You know, we're spending $65,000 on a monthly basis," said Padilla. "It takes a lot of money to do this. And the last thing we want to do is tap into that base to go into getting a warehouse. We want to make sure that integrity stays in place and we're able to keep the money specifically for the food."

Snack Pak is planning to make the big move to the temporary location after schools get out for Christmas break.

"It's going to be Herculean task to try and get everything moved," said Wilkerson. "But hopefully we'll get a lot of volunteers to assist us."

Snack Pak said it is looking for a place centrally located downtown to maintain easy accessibility for its volunteers.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10