relaunches, still has glitches relaunches, still has glitches

The website has been re-launched, but officials are saying the site still has issues.

The website re-launched this weekend. Two months after its disastrous start the website is much better, working more than 90 percent of the time and up to the promised capacity of 50,000 users at any given time, government officials said Sunday.

But it's not at 100 percent yet officials are saying, with the final steps of enrollment still glitchy. While the site looks better to consumers, the final steps of signing up with an insurer and making sure a policy is paid for are still a work in progress.

But it is night and day from what the site was on October 1st according to White House officials. The Obama administration have given people an extra week to sign up because of the website troubles.

People have until December 23rd to get enrolled for insurance coverage that will start January 1st, and until March 31st to get covered for 2014, or pay a tax.