Cheap air filters could cause health issues

Cheap air filters could cause health issues

Amarillo, TX - You click the button and the heat begins flowing, but there might also be something else coming from your vents if you don't have the right air filter.

Today, we discovered how there could be germs flowing through your home.

"Your HVAC System is a breeding ground for a lot of the sicknesses going around and allergies (because) it is dark, damp in the summer so they just sit there and wait," Justin Juarez with JC Heating and Cooling said.

Then you turn on your heat around this time of year and...

"...they grow and it spreads and then it comes in through your duct system," Juarez said.

But, if you get your system checked before the season starts and have the right air filter, it can trap the dust and germs before they can reach the air you breathe throughout your home.

"Getting the equipment checked out and cleaned up before we get into Winter, cleaning them up helps the longevity of your equipment and they can breathe a lot easier and changing your filters on a regular basis," Matt Kirkeeng who is an Installation Supervisor at Scottco said.

It is important that you change your air filter at least once a month or every three months depending upon the type, but you should also make sure that you choose the filter that is best for your specific needs.

"If you have more of an allergy problem with pollen then you would want to go ahead and match up the filter for that condition," Juarez explained.

To help you decide which filter is best for you, make sure you check the MERV rating, or filter ranking system, the higher the number the stronger the filter.

If you do decide to go with a cheaper filter it will need to be changed more often.