Local car dealerships join in on Black Friday frenzy

Local car dealerships join in on Black Friday frenzy

Amarillo, TX - Local car dealerships are joining in on the Black Friday frenzy this year.

Many are offering special deals through the weekend in hopes of stealing shoppers away from the more typical big box stores.

One dealership even pitched a couple "fake" tents right in front of their property to draw customers in. Though the tents are fake, they say the deals are real. "Today, people were waiting at the front doors wanting to know if the Black Friday sale was just a hoax or if somebody was just talking about it, or if the tents were real," said Texas Dodge floor manager Brandon Bourke. "They found out very quickly the deals are very real."

With all the end of the year sales being offered, dealerships are seeing lots of people using insurance claim money from the May hail storm. They say it's helping business because they are selling to people who normally wouldn't be in the market to buy a new car.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10