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Daily Schedule - "Together We Can" Holiday Food Drive


Noon: United

5:00: Sleepy Hollow, A-Team Rentals, 1-800-Plumber

6:00: Weight Watchers, A-Team Rentals, 1-800-Plumber

9:00: United Market Street

10:00: Zack Wilson/HPFB, 1-800-Plumber


Noon: Tri-State Fair

5:00: Bushland Elem., Zachry Engineering, Happy State Bank

6:00: Bushland Middle School, Happy State Bank, Zachry Engineering, Dearborn
United Market Street

10:00: Bushland High School, Zachry Engineering, Happy State Bank, United, Amarillo Bulls



Noon: McDonald's

5:00: Bank of America, Xcel, United Market Street

6:00: BOA, Xcel, Interactive 360, Travis Middle School

9:00: United Market Street

10:00: TTUHSC, Chapter of Credit Unions Check Pres, Xcel, BOA



Noon: PPHM, Panhandle Restaurant Group

5:00: Atmos, ANB, Woodlands, WTAMU

6:00: Atmos, ANB, Amerigroup, Canyon Junior High, Greenways, Bivins, Panhandle Restaurant Group

10:00: Atmos, ANB, River Road, Enactus, Street Toyota



Noon: Coffee Memorial Blood Center

5:00: Whataburger, First Bank SW, United

6:00: Austin Middle School, Boy Scouts, Whataburger, FBSW, Citizens Bank, Carpet Tech

10:00: United, Whataburger, FBSW, Canyon High

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