Black Friday first-timers share experiences in Amarillo

Black Friday first-timers share experiences in Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - Black Friday seems to get started a little earlier every year and for some, the Thanksgiving day shopping rush can get just a little bit scary.

But for some, like Amarilloan Sun Daresan, it's become an annual tradition. This year was no different. We found him camped out at the front of the line at Best Buy all Thanksgiving Day in preparation for this years Black Friday deals.

"This is not my first rodeo, as you say in Texas," said Sun.

But this year, he didn't come alone. He brought his family all the way from India. It was their first time to visit America as well as their first time to experience our nation's annual shopping showdown.

"We are really having a good time here," said Sun's father. "It's our first time visiting America."

It's was a lot of "first's" for the Daresan's: first time in America, first time seeing snow and first time camping out all night ahead of Black Friday and even Thanksgiving Day. Something Sun believed they needed to experience first-hand.

"They've always wondered what I do for Thanksgiving and I said why don't you show up and I'll show you what I do," said Sun.

So, with a little guidance, the Daresan's made their own Black Friday list.

"We propose to buy a large TV, three or four iPads, four tablets," said his father.

NewsChannel 10 caught up with the family after the rush and surprisingly, their reaction wasn't what many might expect following what we often recognize as frustrating chaos. Instead, it was pure excitement.

"First time I have seen so many people giving the time in spite of the cold, standing here to get what all they want," said Sun's father. "As soon as the shop is open, they just rush, run here and there and pick up whatever they want and it was nice to see."

Relishing the rush and taking advantage of all the U.S. and Amarillo has to offer.

"Here, it's an awesome discount," said Daresan. "Something you would find for $750 you can get for $250 or $300. Something unusual like that you only find in the U.S.," he laughed.

The Daresan's spent about half of their $5,000 budget in Best Buy Thursday evening but also planned on hitting places like Target and Dillard's later that night as more stores opened their doors.