Fire Station 13 celebrates first Thanksgiving

Fire Station 13 celebrates first Thanksgiving

AMARILLO, TX - Fire Station 13 celebrated it's first Thanksgiving at the new location in South Amarillo.

Firefighters say it was a relatively quiet day. "It's been pretty slow but that's a good day for us because that means everybody is staying healthy and safe," said firefighter Cody Duffendack.

But that doesn't mean the guys at Station 13 didn't have a little fun.

"We've got some pretty good eats lined up for today so I can't complain," firefighter Mark Mendez told us.

It's a meal that is purchased out of pocket, prepared by the crew, and then shared with family members.

For rookie Duffendack, this is his first Thanksgiving at a fire station.

"It's pretty fun celebrating with all the guys. It's different but it's pretty fun," he said.

Unfortunately, its not all fun for this firefighter.

"This is my probationary year so we have a test every couple months to make sure we are up to standard, so I've got one coming up in March that I am studying for now," Duffendack explained.

But when he's not hitting the books, or cleaning around the station, Duffendack gets to hang with the guys who are celebrating more than Thanksgiving this month.

"The mustache is for something called Movember, it promotes men's health. Mines pretty pitiful but it's for a good cause," Mendez said.

The money raised through the "Movember" fundraiser will then be donated at the end of the month to a charity that the firefighters choose; Just another way they are giving back to the community.

Colleen Nelson - NewChannel 10