Perryton restaurant does more than hand out free turkey

Perryton restaurant does more than hand out free turkey

Perryton, TX - There were many free Thanksgiving Day meals served throughout the Panhandle today, but the Smokehouse Restaurant in Perryton gave back in another way.

The Smokehouse is not only feeding the people of Perryton for free they are also collecting donations, which will help the Community Worship Center, fund their Mission Trip to Nicaragua and help the people who are there.

"So your money goes towards basically giving them the needs that we take for granted here in every area of our life," Ruth Farney who is a Team Leader at the Community Worship Center.

And that is the same concept the owner's brother Francisco Tarango had for this day before he died four years ago.

"The first year we we're going to hold this dinner, he had an accident and passed away, and this way it is in his honor because he is the one who had the vision to feed the community," Oralia Cowan who is the Owner of the Smokehouse Restaurant said.

Tarango's wife is thankful his family followed through on her husband's dream even after his death.

"When he'd come out here he would pretty much visit with everyone, everybody knew him and we helped as much as we could, but it's amazing, my kids and I think it's a blessing they do this every year," Sandra Tarango who is the Sister-in Law of the Smokehouse's Owner said.

The Community Worship Center plans to take their next mission trip to Nicaragua in June of 2014.